What is Pastoral Farming?

What is Pastoral Farming?

If one hears the word ranching in the US they can equate this to pastoral farming in the UK. The focus for this type of farming revolves around the producing of various types of livestock. It is a choice of many farmers as opposed to growing crops as part of their farming operation.

Types of Livestock

The type of livestock that can be normally found in pastoral farming is

comprised of dairy farming. With the use of dairy cattle for producing various types of dairy products. Then added to this is the care and raising of beef cattle for food. Also included in the pastoral farming is sheep raising predominantly for their wool.

Pastoral Environment

Being as this type of farming revolves around livestock it is important that the proper environment is available to the farming operation. Most of the herds in this type of farming require a lot of pasture for the purposes of feeding. This means that choosing the land for pastoral farming is going to be important for those that are looking at success in this particular agricultural field.

The amount of land needed is going to depend on the type and size of the herds.