Wallpaper Ideas to Get Your UK Farmhouse in Style

Wallpaper Ideas to Get Your UK Farmhouse in Style

For most people, the need to decorate a farmhouse often takes a backseat. However, farmhouse decorations are a worthwhile investment, when done well. Instead of fancy décor and colour combinations, it is always in your best interests to devise simple, practical and affordable ways of sprucing things up.

Wallpapers are fast becoming a delightful option for styling farmhouses in the UK. With well-chosen farmhouse wallpapers from Wallpassion, you can inject a rustic touch to your interiors that encapsulates the timeless appeal of countryside living. That said, here are some wallpaper ideas to infuse some charm and character into any UK farmhouse.

Vintage Floral Wallpapers

Vintage floral prints go a long way in injecting an air of nostalgia and countryside elegance into any living space. Floral wallpapers work well when they are hung in the kitchen or dining areas. Anything with trailing vines, delicate blooms, or botanical illustrations is welcome in any UK country home.

Weathered Wood Wallpapers

Adding some weathered wood wallpapers can accentuate the rustic essence of a farmhouse. Whether it mimics the looks of distressed wood or aged barn boards, weathered wood wallpapers will always evoke a cosy and inviting atmosphere. These wallpapers work well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Textured Grasscloth Wallpapers

Grasscloth wallpapers are not only trendy but also timeless. Textured grasscloth wallpapers, with their organic patterns and tactile appeal, add depth and warmth to any space. These options are perfect for entryways or dining rooms. But if you own a cat, grasscloth wallpapers might not be ideal because felines will often sharpen their claws on the paper.