Going Farming? Carry Nicotine Pouches, Not Cigarettes

Going Farming? Carry Nicotine Pouches, Not Cigarettes

If you are a farmer or just visiting a farm, it’s a wise idea to tag along with nicotine pouches and ditch cigarettes. This is for a simple and obvious reason: smoke is harmful to plants as the smoke and other particles and elements can hinder photosynthesis.

But what if you want to manage your smoking urge? Well, the solution is nicotine pouches.

What are Nicotine Pouches?

I’m sure you might be wondering what nicotine pouches are. These are small pouches filled with nicotine and other products. A good nicotine pouches example is Velo Pouches, which come in small sachets that are stored in some cool tins. As the name suggests, they contain nicotine and are considered the perfect alternative to smoking. Just one pouch can give you the high of a cigarette stick.

But why do nicotine pouches yet they still contain nicotine? Velo, Zyn and other nicotine pouches are considered safe for plants because they are smokeless. To get your high, you don’t need to burn them, but place the pouch between your lip and gum and let the kick start getting in.

It’s the fact that nicotine pouches are smokeless that makes them safe when visiting the farm or garden. Besides, they are flavoured and are easy to tag along with and dispose of.