Mega Farms in the UK

Mega Farms in the UK

Many of the farms in the UK look huge as a result of the sprawling lands that make up a farming operation. But the term mega farm is something that is becoming quite popular in the UK.

The Mega Farm Look

In most cases, one will easily be able to identify one of the modern mega farms that are now sprouting up throughout different regions of the UK. These are noted with large tunnels comprised of polythene materials. Then in addition to this are huge sheds along with large silos. This is one of the new looks of a mega farm utilising today’s modern technology.

Taking a Closer Look

When one gets up close out of curiosity to see what this typical type of farming operation is housing, one may be surprised to see the thousands of chickens that are being bred. The UK mega farms have taken on a close similarity to the mega-farms of the United States.

It is estimated that there are over 800 (or close to it) of these types of new farming operations scattered throughout the UK. They are not just designated for chickens either, but are most applicable for other types of livestock such as dairy cows and pigs as well.