Different Types of UK Commercial Farming

Different Types of UK Commercial Farming

Commercial farming means that the farming operation is being carried out for the purposes of generating money. There are many different types of categories that commercial farming can fit into. This type of farming is done in all parts of the world. Some categories apply to specific countries.

Intensive farming

This type of farming means that the farming entity is dedicated to its farming operations. It doesn’t need a large quantity of land to be productive. The focus is put on high production for the land that is available. This type of farming operation relies heavily on the newest technology that is available to the commercial farming industry. The goal is for a high turnout while keeping the costs down. A good example of where this type of farming takes place is in New Zealand.

Extensive farming

Extensive farming requires a lot more land. It can be considered to be the opposite of intensive farming. Categories of farming that fall into this main category are for livestock such as cattle farming. This type of farming is seen in Australia.

Farming Compatibility in the UK.

The UK is well known for its commercial farming entities. These are broken down into three major types of farming. These include;

  • Farming for livestock
  • Arable farming
  • Dairy farming

These are the three major types of commercial farming throughout the UK. It does not exclude crop farming which is known as market gardening. This is where the farming entity is focusing on the production of fruits and vegetables.

Requirements for Dairy Farming

The ideal farming environment for dairy farming is to have the right weather conditions. The summers should be warm while the winters are colder. But,

still, come into the mild category.

It is ideal to have a good amount of rainfall. It helps to grow the pastures which serve as a source of food for a large number of cattle. As far as the terrain

goes for cattle farming, there should be gentle sloping type land. If there is too much slope to the land, it is not good for the cattle themselves.

Requirements for Arable farming

The weather environment should be summers that are warm and winters that are cold. The terrain should be relatively flat so that it can accommodate the use of machinery.

Requirements for Hill farming

This type of farming applies to the production and raising of sheep. The weather conditions that are ideal for this type of farming institution are cooler summers, and cold winters. What makes this type of farming one that is appealing is that the terrain can be that which is not suitable for other types of farming.

With the raising of sheep, there is no need for equipment, and the sheep are able to handle rugged slopes quite well.