The Important Role of Farming In the UK

The Important Role of Farming In the UK

There is no question how critically important the agricultural industry is. When most think about farming industries they recognize the value it brings to sustainability and providing food. Yet, it goes far beyond this.

Contribution to the Environment

in the UK it has been estimated that farming operations in their totality contribute to in excess of 70% of environmental management. This type of contribution bolsters the tourism industry. With the care of the environment that the farming industry applies, it provides beautiful countryside for visitors to the UK to enjoy. When one looks at the worth of tourism which comes in at over £21 billion it is understandable why the farming industry needs to be appreciated for their contributions.


Another major role the farming industry takes on is its ability to provide gainful employment for the job market. It is said that over 475,000 jobs are created by this industry. Indirectly another 30,000 positions that can be added to this number.

Money invested in support of farming and the rate of return on this investment are quite impressive. For every pound that is invested, it is estimated that the return is £7.40 which filters back into the economy on the whole.

Just these three of many important roles that the farming industry in the UK provides clearly shows the critical importance of farming as an industry. This should be more than enough to create a desire for support on the behalf of everyone whether they are directly involved in farming operations or not.

The farming industry in the UK needs to be recognized for their importance and as a means of encouraging them to continue in their contributions.