What are Some of the Problems UK Farmers Face?

What are Some of the Problems UK Farmers Face?

Every country has its fair share of problems for their agricultural industry. The UK is no different as the farming industry here is facing many challenges.


Depending on the type of farming operation, it dictates the type of labour that is needed for the farm entity to function to its fullest capabilities. Some of the dairy farmers are finding it really difficult to find experienced herdsman.

It is not a type of employment that as many individuals are seeking out as they once were. With modern day technology, it is pulling many potential workers from this type of work.

There are a lot of difficulties that come with this type of work. It means the workers have to have an early start to their day. They are faced with all types of weather conditions. For those that have been in this type of employment and are experienced, they find this type of work rewarding. It is not the type of work that is applicable to everyone.

Change in Environment

There is some scepticism as to whether global warming is a reality. Ask the majority of farmers in the UK their opinion. Many are going to tell you the difficulties that they have been caused by global warming.

For those dealing with livestock such as cattle, there is the concern of having to deal with liver fluke. This is a type of parasite that thrives on wet grass. Many farmers are reporting that they are finding this is a problem that is increasing. They attribute this to the warmer winter weather which is wetter than what was seen in the past. This provides a suitable breeding ground for this type of parasite.

Client Satisfaction

Those that are in commercial farming have a client base that they must cater to. The political scene can play a factor in how they can provide customer satisfaction. With Brexit being a concern of many, they feel that this is going to interfere with their capabilities of offering the type of customer care that their clients expect.

Keeping Up With Technology

Another problem that the commercial farming operations are experiencing some difficulty with is keeping up with the technology. The technology that is available to the agricultural industry is growing in such leaps and bounds it is difficult for farmers to keep up with it both time wise and financially.