Hobby Farm Health and Safety

Hobby Farm Health and Safety

In most cases, the hobby farmers are not utilizing high powered and sophisticated farming equipment. However, they do use a limited amount of equipment. In all cases, it is critically important that all safety measures are used. There are specific farm health and safety rules that should be applied to all types of farming including the hobby farm.

Small Tractors

While the hobby farmer is not going to invest in the large equipment, most hobby farmers will invest in small tractors. They may use this for their farming operation and for other grooming needs on the property. No matter what it is used for, it has to be handled in a proper manner and only should be used by those that have the training and experience to do so.

Mimic The Big farmers

By implementing many of the big farming safety rules, the small hobby farmer can give themselves extra safety and protection.

Crop Handling

The small hobby farmer may be involved in some crop growing which means that they are going to have to put in a certain amount of labour. Harvesting crops by hand, for the most part, is a safe endeavour. However, there are still injuries that can occur from lifting and carrying, or climbing to harvest in the case of orchards, for example. What has to be avoided here is damage to the muscular system which is common, especially with strains and sprains and particularly back injuries.

Respiratory Protection

While one is working in a country setting and enjoying country air, there are still risks for the hobby farmer when it comes to their small crop growing. This is in regards to allergies and even worse asthma.