What is Hobby Farming in the UK?

What is Hobby Farming in the UK?

There are different explanations as to what a hobby farm is. This is because various people view it differently. For the most part, a hobby farm can be considered a farm that is small in size. It is usually considered a type of operation that is seen as a hobby. Individuals that are investing in a hobby farm are not normally doing so to make it a primary source of income to sustain their needs.

Investing in a Hobby Farm

Individuals in the UK that are looking at investing in a hobby farm need to do their homework first. They want to be sure that the amount of land that they are buying is going to have a purpose for them, although some people invest in a hobby farm merely as a type of property investment.

They do this with the hopes that over a period of time the property is going to increase in value, which it normally does, although there can be ups and downs when it comes to real estate. At the same time, the new hobby farm owner can enjoy this property and work the land to self-sustain them in a variety of different ways

Producing an Income from a Hobby Farm

Just because the land is categorized as a hobby farm doesn’t mean that it cannot create some profits. There are many individuals that grow small crops. Some of the crop production is used for their own needs. Then what is left they will sell at local markets.

Some individuals will utilize a hobby farm for indirect farming goods. For example, beekeeping is something that can be done on a hobby farm, with the resulting product being sold in the local area.

Chickens and Eggs

This is also another favourite past time for hobby farmers. They will keep laying hens and sell the eggs. While this is not going to make them rich it certainly brings in some additional money for the extras that the family may want to have.


Another great purpose for the hobby farm is for being able to house horses for personal use. There are many individuals that are in the equestrian circuit that have a hobby farm to house their horses, which usually only amounts to perhaps one or just a few horses. The hobby farm is the perfect size of land for this type of activity.

Investors in the hobby farm land want to look the land over carefully to see what its capabilities are. Not all hobby farm land is appropriate for some of the hobby needs that individuals may have. Although in most cases the land can be put to good use for some purpose that will meet the needs of the land owner.