Organic Farming as a Hobby in the UK

Organic Farming as a Hobby in the UK

One of the uses of hobby farm land that is relatively new and exciting is organic farming. These are comprised of some of the arable crops.

What is Organic Farming?

While growing in popularity, it is nothing new. It dates back to the 1940’s when the term organic first came into being. It was done so by Lord Northbourne. It is a holistic approach to farming. It means that no insecticides or chemical fertilisers are used in the growing and production of crops.

How Popular is Organic Farming in the UK?

It certainly has grown in its popularity. It is estimated that there are about 508,000 hectares of land that are now being dedicated to this form of crop

growing. There is continuous growth in the number of farmers that are becoming classed as organic farmers.

Types of Common Organic Crops

While the concept of organic farming is growing, this relatively new industry is also seeing an increase in the types of crops that are being produced organically. These include;

  • Oats
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Fodder
  • Maize
  • Sugar Beet

While organic growing is exciting, it does come with its own set of challenges. There are stringent rules and regulations when it comes to this type of crop growing.