Saving Money with a Hobby Farm in the UK

Saving Money with a Hobby Farm in the UK

There are a lot of individuals in the UK that would love to be a landowner. They have a keen interest in investing in a hobby farm. But this raises a lot of questions for them. One of the main questions being what would they do with all this extra land? It doesn’t take long before one gets involved in hobby farming to realize that it can potentially save them a lot of money in different ways.

Savings on Veggies

There are some vegetables that don’t cost much to buy. Then there are many other types of vegetables throughout the UK that can be quite expensive. Having a small parcel of land to grow vegetable and fruit crops on can be big money savers over the course of the year.

One of the advantages to this is being able to preserve veggies and fruits all year round simply by canning or freezing them. There is no doubt that it comes with extra work. But, the reward of the savings plus the self-satisfaction of growing one’s own fruit and vegetables is an additional benefit that comes up with the hobby farm ownership.

Savings on Meats

It is not all that difficult to maintain a small amount of livestock to meet the needs of meat to sustain the family throughout the course of the year. The only drawback with this type of activity is the attachment that the family often makes to the livestock that is being raised for slaughter. However, this is something that can be worked on.

A small hobby farm can be self-sufficient enough that it can provide all their needs for a variety of meat for the entire year and more. There is the ability to have beef, as well as lamb and mutton. Chickens can be added to the list as well.

Dairy and Poultry

There is nothing stopping one from having a few dairy cattle and producing the fresh milk from the cattle in an old-fashioned way. When it comes to chickens, raising chickens is probably one of the first endeavours that many hobby farmers will embark on. Then one should not forget about the opportunity to have bees to create honey. Once one starts with sustaining their nutritional needs through their hobby farming they soon become enthusiastic about it.

The Sacrifice

While there are savings to be made, many soon realize it is going to be a sacrifice of time and commitment. However, families that indulge in self-sustaining through their hobby farm activities find that it brings the family closer together.