Gearing Up for 2019 UK Farming

Gearing Up for 2019 UK Farming

Farmers are in the agricultural business. They have to think ahead just like any other industry does. Although spring has barely arrived some farmers are already thinking about the fall.

Cereal Crops for 2019

One of the most important crops out of many is cereal crops and crop farmers

in this form of farming have to know what is going to be in demand. Not only that, they need to know what is new and upcoming. If they don’t, they run the risk of producing crops for cereals that are no longer going to be in demand.

Making the right choices

According to the latest news crop farmers are going to have to focus on those new crop varieties that are going to work best for them. To do this it means focusing on;

  • How suitable their location is for the crops they are contemplating
  • Is farm soil going to meet the needs of the new crop varieties.
  • What will be the rotation requirements
  • What are going to be the demands for pest control

The introduction of new crop varieties is exciting but also one that comes with some challenges.