Emerging Trends Small Scale Farmers in UK Must Embrace

Emerging Trends Small Scale Farmers in UK Must Embrace

If you are a small scale farmer in the UK, or you are thinking of going that direction, there is a lot you need to learn. The farming world is always changing and things are not the same as they were a few years back. Digital infiltration that has allowed people to buy fresh farm products from the comfort of their homes means farmers must now work extra hard to meet the unique demands of consumers. Some of the things farmers must now embrace are:

Going Green

Going green means embracing environmentally friendly practises that aim at environmental conservation. As a farmer, this means you have to think about what you do right from the seeds you buy, how you take care of your crops and packaging them to the market. More technological advancements are being done to reduce the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides. It is also now common practice to ditch plastic as a packaging solution and pick up more natural options.

Embracing Digital Marketing

In this digital age, you can no longer wait for customers to come or farm produce on your farm. You need to use digital platforms such as websites and social media to market your items. Have a marketing strategy and start marketing before your products reach maturity. Give regular updates. You should also invest in a good camera that shows what you have on offer in clear pictures.

Attending Farmers Markets/Festivals

You cannot be living in a bubble if you want to succeed as a farmer. You need to step out there and see what other farmers are doing. Other than joining a farmers network, you also need to attend the farmers market. It is there that you not only learn new practices that farmers have embraced, but you will also experience what is on demand.