How Governments Can Get Young People Interested in Farming

How Governments Can Get Young People Interested in Farming

Sustainable farming is the future of the world. For the world to be sustainable, farmers need to grow and produce their own crops. Countries that do not put an emphasis on farming end up depending on imports and using unhealthy means to provide their foods. Even though there are many benefits of farming, the coming generation is focused on other careers and abandoned the thought of becoming farmers. Some of the ways that governments in the UK and other regions can get young people to be interested in farming are as follows.

Give Better Incentives

Governments should revise their budgets and focus on sustainable agriculture. This should target young people who are either in school or those who have just finished. The reason most young people shy off from embracing farming is because buying farm machinery and even getting the land to work can be extremely expensive. Governments can even dedicate land for young people to lease at a lower cost until they are financially stable enough to start on their own farms.

Include in the Curriculum

It is easier to get young people interested in farming if you start instilling it into them from a tender age. Governments should have several aspects of sustainable agriculture in the curriculum right from early childhood. These should be both theoretical and practical. The educators can also give practical examples of the benefits of farming not just for individuals but for the whole ecosystem. In the past, agriculture was seen as something people who are not educated fall back on. It is about time teachers and parents change the narrative and tell the young people that different roles can be taken up in the farming industry.

The good news is that technological advancements have made it easier to monitor and practise farming. Even young people who enjoy working in the digital field can still get something to do as farmers.