The Growing of Genetically Modified Crops in the UK

The Growing of Genetically Modified Crops in the UK

Up until recently the growing of genetically modified crops in the UK was not something that was expected to happen. This was a form of crop growing that has been met with a fair amount of resistance. But the latest news is that perhaps this is all about to change, at least when it comes to crops for industrial purposes.

In a recent news articles about GM crops in the UK there could be a big change coming to Britain regarding this type of crop growing.

What Crops are on the Horizon?

It may not be an edible crop but one nevertheless that will have some importance. This crop is based on growing camelina which will have its DNA altered. The purpose is so that the wax esters that will be produced will be natural based as opposed to petrochemicals. The use of this type of product is for the lubrication of machinery to keep it operational.

The Opposition

While there may be many in favour of the GM crop there are plenty who are against it. The biggest argument being there are too many risk factors that

encompasses not only people, but the wildlife and perhaps the environment as well. The worry is about cross-pollination from the GM modified crops by way of seeds to other plants. Wax esters are known to be dangerous for human consumption.


It doesn’t appear as GM foods are going to be well received in Britain either. It is being suggested that there will be no lift on the ban of these after the separation of Britain from the EU.

A Matter of Opinion

There are some for and some that are against GM crops. Some believe that this is the way of the future for sustainability. Others view it as the demise of food as we know it today.